OBSERVATION: humming the same song that you listened recently.

For quite some time, I have been observing this thing (so I thought of writing it up) that whenever somebody starts humming a song near you, after some time during the day we also start singing that same song. At this point of time, i don’t know what is the psychology behind it that why we humans do so but I am really fascinated with this thing.

I guess when you hear a song (unintentionally), it is stored by the sub-conscious mind and reasons why we sing it can be that you too like the song so you want to sing it and also your mood and the situation makes you sing the song.

I have read it somewhere that “if someone sings a song around you, then it’s 80-90% chance that you will start singing that very song at some point during the day”.I have experienced this thing many times but never gave it a thought.


If you too have experienced this thing or if you have any idea why we do so . please tell us in comments. we will be happy to hear from you


6 Ways To Get A Clearer Complexion In Just A Week

Let’s cut to the chase. Everyone, regardless of their gender, wants smooth, flawless skin. But figuring out how to get there, considering the amount of skin care products available in the market (not to mention various skin types), can make this a pretty daunting process.

The truth is, you don’t have to live at the spa, spend an exorbitant amount on products or change your lifestyle completely to have a healthy and clear complexion. All you need are these tiny, little tweaks in your daily routine, which frankly takes less than 15 minutes, and you’ll definitely achieve the perfect skin that you’ve always dreamt about.

1) Find a sunscreen that suits your skin and wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail.


I would tell you about wearing sunscreen 10,000 times and it will still be not enough. I cannot stress enough on how important wearing sunscreen is irrespective of whether it’s day time or night time, sunny or cloudy, summer or rain or winter. You have to wear sunscreen each day, every day of your life before stepping out of your house and then reapplying it after every 2-3 hours.

Here’s what you do- Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher that’s also broad spectrum. Use it once in the morning and then later in the evening before leaving for home. If you have a job that requires you to stay outdoors continuously, then reapply the sunscreen after every 2 hours. You can even set an alarm to remind yourself.

2) Take a look at all the things that are touching your face and keep them clean.


This sounds like a rather impossible feat, but hear me out for a second. It matters how clean the objects are that are touching your face strictly from your skin’s hygiene point of view. It will also help you reduce breakouts if you suffer from adult acne. From your phone, to towels, to your hands to pillowcases to bed sheets—all the bacteria that are on these objects ultimately ends up on your face 

Here’s what you do- Wipe down your cell phone with a standard wipe after every use. Use a separate towel on your face than on the rest of your body. Give them for cleaning every week. Rotate and wash your pillowcase and bedsheets after every 10 days. And if you’re a frequent face toucher, work towards resisting the urge. Also, get into the habit of using hand sanitizer. You’ll be surprised to see what difference these small little things bring to your skin. 

3) You’ve must have heard about exfoliating your skin, how about you start doing it for two-three days a week?


We live in a polluted, dirty world. Unless you’re a hermit who stays indoors all the freaking time, all those environmental toxins will be collected on your face throughout the day. If you’re not getting rid of those toxins and your natural buildup of sebum and debris, it will eventually show on your face and make it look dull and lifeless.

Here’s what you do- Use a gentle exfoliator either directly on your face with your fingers or put it on a washcloth, and do light, circular massage on your face for about 20-30 seconds. Make sure you’re not applying too much pressure or over scrubbing, it may lead to irritation.

4) Taking your well-deserved beauty sleep not just applies to women.


Unless you have an entourage of stylists and artists waiting for you every morning just like our celebrities, it’s hard to get a great complexion and skin tone if you’re skimping on your sleep. From hyperpigmentation, to wrinkles to dark circles and panda eyes, there are a whole other set of problems that come when you’re not clocking enough sleep.

Here’s what you do- Get 7 hours of sleep every day. If you suffer from continuous sleep deprivation, I’d reckon you consult a doctor immediately. Also, learn how to relax and don’t stress out so much. Find your inner zen—either through yoga, meditation or any other activity you deem relaxing and simply chill out.

5) Change your skin complexion by changing your diet. Lay off the excess sugar and dairy.


If you think you have a skin that appears blotchy, puffy, broken out and red, then take a hard look at your sugar and dairy intake. They not just damage your waistline but could also be aging your face. Also moderate your intake of salt and gluten. 

Here’s what you do- Have your important, bigger meals earlier in the day so that you’re packed with energy that you need in the morning. Incorporate leafy greens, fruits and fish in your diet. Make sure your breakfast is the heaviest, lunch heavy and dinner light.

6) Quit smoking because it’s making you look like shit.


Nicotine is carcinogenic and can have terrifying effects on your heath. And if that’s not enough, then this should definitely be the reason why you quit smoking. Smoking gives you visible lines, damaged teeth, nails, sagging and listless skin, and even Psoriasis. To know more about what smoking does to your face, click here.

Here’s what you do-  QUIT SMOKING ASAP. It’s not going to be easy. But nothing in life comes easy.

See, like I told you, the path to the better skin is actually not that difficult. Just follow this new and improved skincare routine alongside washing your face twice with a gentle cleanser and then moisturizing it every day, and it will ensure you become the guy with hands down the best skin in your group.

Spectre 13.3 is world’s thinnest laptop at 10.4mm thickness, HP’s answer to Apple MacBook

HP has just launched its newest laptop, Spectre 13.3 powered by Windows 10, which is being thought of as HP’s answer to Apple’s MacBook.

Ahead of the launch, HP’s PC chief, Ron Coughlin, said the new laptop would make the company a trendsetter in the PC industry. Coughlin told the Wall Street Journal, “For years, Apple has been seen as the innovator and the driver of innovation, [but now]HP is really taking over that mantle.”

This new laptop is extremely thin, as it’s just 0.4-inch (10.44 mm) thick, which is the exact size of an AAA battery. As a result, Spectre is not just the thinnest PC in HP’s portfolio but also the slimmest notebook on the entire market.

HP has given its new portable computer a copper sheen to appeal to anyone who loves gold gadgets or devices that look like jewellery.

Spectre comes with a 13.3-inch IPS display full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) with Gorilla Glass protection. Despite its sleek profile, HP has managed to use Intel’s top-of-the-range Core i5 and Core i7 processors to power the Spectre. It also includes the heating system to dissipate the heat generated by the Core i processors. To do this, HP developed a “hyperbaric cooling” system that uses a pair of fans to create “positive pressure” to push warm air out of the rear of the laptop.

Depending on the version you choose, the laptop comes with a maximum of 8GB of RAM and about 10 hours of battery life depending on your usage. And for music lovers, HP tapped Bang & Olufsen to give its laptop cred in the audio department. On the back of the laptop are three USB Type-C ports (two of them support Thunderbolt 3 speeds) and a 3.5mm headphone jack. All three of the USB-C ports can be used to charge the Spectre 13.3, output video and transfer data.

The laptop features no touch-screen, no detachable keyboard or ultra-high definition resolution, so it’s just what it’s supposed to be: a laptop that lets you work with Windows 10 in the old-fashioned way.

It’s clearly an attempt to take on the MacBook, but it also comes with no less than three USB-C ports, two of them offering Thunderbolt support to connect to monitors.

The 13.3-inch Spectre weighs just 2.45 pounds (1.11 kg), which makes it super easy to carry around.

In addition to making it as light as possible, HP also focused on its looks, so the Spectre 13.3 comes with premium looks that can usually be found in the luxury market.

For instance, it comes with “high gloss copper accents reflect a hand-polished, jewellery-like finish and an innovative hidden piston hinge creates the illusion of a hinge-less design to offer an unmatched premium look-and-feel,” as HP itself explains, adding that carbon fiber is being used on the bottom.

HP, which is the biggest PC maker in the U.S. and second globally, is clearly looking to boost its credentials in the luxury end of the market, launching the new laptop at this week’s International Luxury Conference in Paris and showing off two special editions of the laptop created by top designers.

Tord Boontje’s design is coated in midnight blue with floral swirls and Swarovski crystals on top that are accented in 18 karat gold while Jess Hannah’s design sees the entire laptop coated in 18 karat gold and the HP logo encrusted in diamonds. These limited edition notebooks will be auctioned, with the proceeds going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

The sleek laptop doesn’t come cheap and will be available for pre-order on April 25th for $1,170 and up. It will be available in Best Buy stores on May 29 with configurations starting at $1,250.

10 worst style mistakes a man can make, according to women

Style mistakes are something a man generally wants to avoid. And style mistakes that the opposite sex has voted as the most egregious? Well, you’d better listen up.

Female commenters on Reddit’s r/AskWomen subreddit were asked to vote on what they consider to be the worst style blunders they see on men.

We’ve rounded up the 10 most upvoted, coupled with advice on how to best avoid them.

10. Jean shorts

A pair of chino shorts is much more flattering.

“Jean shorts.” —i_killed_baby_jane

Jean shorts, affectionately known as “jorts,” are a bit of a scourge during warmer months. They crop up with their unsightly hemlines and janky appearance.

Instead wear: A nice slim pair of chino shorts.

9. Baggy jeans

A good fit is key.

“Baggy/’relaxed fit’ jeans in general.” —kidkvlt

Baggy jeans remind us of the ’90s. We’ve come pretty far since then, and baggy jeans should be relegated to the same bin as Furbies and frosted tips.

Instead wear: Jeans that fit on the slim or even skinny side.

8. Inappropriate head wear

You don’t need to wear anything on your head.

“Fedoras. Just stop with them. It’s not 1935.” —Baron3ss

Hats — especially fedoras and other dressy hats — are passe in 2016. They look very out of place today, and will always make it look like you’re trying too hard.

Instead wear: Absolutely nothing on your head.

7. Improper grooming

No one likes an unkempt beard.

“Just … not grooming. Not trimming beards … that sort of thing.” —deleted

Grooming is important, guys. When a guy is unkempt, others will start to notice.

Instead wear: A neatly trimmed beard, stubble, or no facial hair at all.

6. Fake glasses

The only people who should wear glasses are those who need them.

“My ex used to wear glasses even though he didn’t need them and it was really obvious that he didn’t and he looked like an idiot.” —howlingatthemoobs

It goes like this: If you’re not wearing those glasses to see, you’re not doing yourself any favors. And if you do wear nonprescription glasses, absolutely do not talk about it.

Instead wear: Prescription glasses or nothing at all.

5. Socks with sandals

White sneakers are a much better look.

“Socks and sandals, especially white socks and sandals.” —jmk816

Socks and sandals are never a good look. In fact, we named them one of the 11 deadly sins of men’s style for that very reason.

Instead wear: A slick pair of white sneakers without socks.

4. Tucked-in shirts that aren’t supposed to be tucked

Not everything needs to be tucked in.

“Tucking your non-dress shirt into your non-dress pants.” —mahayana

There’s an easy test for this. If your shirt has long tails, it’s meant to be tucked in. If it has no tails, it’s not meant to be tucked in. If it has short tails, it’s your call.

Go forth and tuck correctly.

Instead wear: Your tailed-shirts tucked, and your nontailed shirts untucked.

3. Pleated khaki pants

Slim-fit chinos are a better choice.

“Stay away from those god awful khaki old man pants with the pleats in the front.” —ocm09876

Pleats are generally considered unflattering and should be avoided. The extra fold of fabric creates an odd, billowing silhouette that is best avoided if you’re on the average to skinny side of pant sizes.

Instead wear: Flat-front, slim-fit chinos.

2. Clothes that don’t fit

Fit is the most important thing to consider.

“Wearing clothes that are waay too big for them!” —ocm09876

Over and over again, we at Business Insider have emphasized fit over everything else when it comes to clothing. We’re not kidding. Well-fitting clothing is more flattering no matter what your body type is.

Instead wear: Clothes that fit well. (For suits, our guide is a good place to start.)

1. Loud shirts with writing, graphics, or flames on them

Keep it simple.

“Those shirts with the flames on them, oh lordy … ” —sapandsawdust

This should go without saying, but apparently it needs to be said. Anything with graphics, flames, witty sayings, or logos on it needs to be turned into trash immediately.

They’re not clever. They’re not cute, and they’re a serious turn-off.

Instead wear: Literally any other shirt.

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